DJ - the best choice

If you're on my website right now you are probably looking for music for some kind of a special event? Am I right?

And you are probably also wondering if to choose a band (according to the advice of your parents, grandmothers and aunts) or a DJ?
I guessed again, right?

Let me help you make the right choice

Why a DJ?

Why me?

As we have already agreed that DJ is the best choice let me convince you to me.
Why Wieslaw Kajm , playing for a dozen years?

Music is my passion – and although it may sound trivial - I cannot imagine doing anything else in life. My passion is the experience and hundreds of successful events and satisfied customers (for example, Ania and Rafal That's hundreds of hours at the console, and hundreds of ideas for setting YOUR special event.

Finally - my passion is no flash in the pan and the "idea for ??life." It is built on the solid foundation of many years of arduous study in music schools of varying degrees (I was a student at the Academy of Music, I have a degree of a sound operator), and the thousands of hours spent on exercising (I play the drums, the viola, the piano and the violin)

Moreover - bilingual events are not fearful to me – I am fluent in English, and I gained the experience and linguistic abilities in Australia, where I learned what a multicultural event really means.

A DJ, fluent in English, who played lyrical Ave Maria on a violin in the church and then raging on a mixer? Oh, yes - that's me!
If you are already interested enough to spend more time with me, I invite you further.

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