What do I play?

Crazy 70s? The magic and loose style of rock and roll?

Soft and romantic ballads or black pearls of heavy metal?

The event in disco, folk or country style.... hits of Polish and global pop music, pop and rock, dance and hip - hop - so really, there are no restrictions in creation of the playlists for your guests - and for you.

Where do I play?

  • weddings
  • New Year's Eve
  • carnival balls
  • corporate events
  • outdoor events
  • anniversaries
  • birthday parties
  • proms
  • discos
  • house parties

How do I play?

Good music at a party is half of the success but this success must be earned. The collection of random tracks, even the best ones, does not guarantee the success.

I always invite my clients to co-create in creation of a list of songs that they would like to hear at their event. We talk about the tastes, the preferences, and about the guests who will be invited ... we choose the repertoire so as to meet the expectations of the youngest, for whom current hits are played by all radio stations and for invited seniors of the family for whom "Autumn Roses" or "Love will forgive you everything" may move them to a sentimental journey of their own youth...

It is said that "in dance all roads meet" - I always try to conduct the event in such a way so that expectations of all people I play for, are met.

I offer complex wedding services - from greeting guests by running the entire event, including throwing a veil, games and dedication on request.

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